Gas Chromatograph

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Our Gas Chromatographs are delivered rebuilt and come with a two year limited warranty, with the limitation being three months on circuit boards and consumables.

Here are some examples of the rebuilding process:

-The Gas Chromatograph covers are sanded, filled and repainted.
-Most metal surfaces are sandblasted.
-The Rubber feet are replaced

All elastomer seals in the Gas Chromatograph are replaced.
Depending on the injector/ detector configurations this includes:
-The septum/ duckbill septum
-Top inlet seal
-Detector to weldment seal
-All applicable fittings in the gas path.

Gas Chromatograph Autosampler
Assuming the autosampler contains both a tray and tower, the following are replaced:
-The tower syringe
-The tower carriage assembly belt
-Autosampler Tray X belt
-Autosampler Tray Y belt
-The tower plunger belt
-Autosampler controller rubber feet
-Autosampler controller fan filter

Gas Chromatograph Metallic/Graphite Seals
-Depending on the Injector/Detector the following metallic seals are replaced:
-Insert bottom seal is replaced
-With a typical rebuild, about half the 1/8 tubing is replaced along with the ferrules.
-In the detector assembly the inch ferrule is replaced

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